Summer Report!

Huh!, I know I know, it’s late!, didn’t get time to write, it’s 15 Aug and the summer ended on 24 July. Anyways here I am, with summer report 😀 So let’s start with May: Exams ended, went for Himalayan Trip to Nepal, then came back, got back to work. I’m leading the technical team […]

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Some Questions

Who am I? What am I? Why I am doing here? What am I doing with my life? What am I “supposed” to do? What is the driving factor of this fucking life? (mausam bada accha hai aaj) What is life? just breathing, eating, shitting, reapeating? (am I dep.?) ????????????? Am I not just another […]

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The Nepal Trip

At the end of end semester exams, you have got your mind full of shit and the sun is raining . What you do?.. you get off to himalayas 🗻🏔🌄.. So, this was my first ‘trip with friends’, and we were six in numbers, off to Pokhra in Nepal. We started from Varanasi, went to Sonauli […]

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Who let the mails out?

I have a friend who’s economical background is not good. He usually takes classes in coaching centers so that he can pay his college fee and of his brother’s. This summer I wanted to do a project with him, btw he is department rank 1, so I insisted him to stay in college this summer. He […]

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Long time no Bakar?

Ahh, I have been waiting for this moment for so long. No Blog since last 4 months. So a lot of things happened since then. Time to start a long long bakar. Probably I didn’t mention in my last blog of December’16 that I bought a violin (<3) during winter vacations and because I failed […]

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2016, here it ends..

So it’s 2 days to 2017, I’ll be leaving for college tomorrow. Next Semester commences from 2 Jan. I am inside my quilt right now, no Sun in sky today, chilly breeze blowing out side, got few sweet potato in angeethi, a perfect plot for my new blog post. 😀 Such a hectic year it was. […]

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